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     Does the universe show any evidence of purpose or design, or is everything that exists the result of random chance? Is it more reasonable to infer from the current scientific data, that the cause of the universe was transcendent, or that is spontaneously popped into existence from nothing? Design vs chance is at the core of rigorous scientific debate today.

If you are of the belief that scientists have a good idea how the universe began, watch video below of a Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist and a former colleague of the eminent late physicist Stephen Hawking, who is famously quoted as saying that the universe can and will create itself from nothing.

There are several problems with this undetectable, unobservable, untestable idea and one major one is that this "multiverse" must have had a beginning too. It solves nothing.
     Scientists in many instances have to disregard the data's intuitive inference to designed, in favor of a preconceived ideology.  Dr. Francis Crick, the scientist who was the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA said this;
"Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved."
[Francis Crick, What Mad Pursuit (1990), 138.]
     Scientists intuitively infer design from the data coming out of biology and cosmology, and have to consciously suppress what is staring them in the face. In stead, preferring to accept that an undirected process of selection and mutation caused the diversity of life on earth.

     This is the same with life origins science. We have read in text books and seen documentaries for decades explaining how life began on earth. Would it surprise you that scientists have no clue how life began, and that the latest scientific studies are claiming life came to earth from outer space?

     Below is a clip from a video lecture by Dr. James Tour, who has been voted chemist of the year, and one of the worlds 50 most influential scientists. He is also one of the top ten cited chemists in the world according to Google Scholar, and has over 630 peer reviewed papers and owns 120 patents. Dr. Tour is one of only a handful of scientists who can build molecules from scratch, so he is among the best qualified scientists to discuss the chemical origins of life, and evolution on the molecular scale.

     Dr. Tour has come out and said that scientists have no clue how life could have began, or how evolution works. He has asked Nobel Prize winners, chemists and top evolutionary scientists and he says "No one" has any idea how life originated, or how evolution actually works.
     (Please visit my YouTube channel, and my Blog for a more in-depth look at these questions and others regarding God, science and reason)

     Now that it is clear that there are no answers to the origins of the universe or life on earth, contrary to what we have all been taught throughout our lifetimes, what else don't we know about? Biology and Cosmology have compelling arguments for design but like origins science, alternative theories are preferred because of the impact to ideology design has. Rejection of design isn't data driven, it is ideology driven, people just don't want to believe that God could exist.
     No where in human experience is there a known source that produces specified symbolic digital information, other than an intelligent mind. One hundred and fifty years of evolution studies have shown that mutations and selection cannot produce the added information needed for new body parts, organs and systems. It is clear that evolution can only produce minor variations and adaptations. If you go to my blog linked below, you can read another new evolutionary peer reviewed research paper that shows that there are distinct boundaries for species at the genetic level.

     As every computer user knows, that to add new functions to a computer, you need to add (information) instructions, or code. In biology, that is exactly what DNA is. DNA is a digital code that scientists tells us is as ancient as life itself, so why is it so outrageous to infer there may be a programmer behind DNA?

     Modern biology and cosmology are at crossroads. Evolutionists are calling for a new theory to replace the failed mechanisms of mutation and selection to explain the diversity of life, and cosmologists are trying to explain how the universe began and why it is so finely tuned for life. Currently, as we have seen, the origin of the universe, life on earth and the diversity of life is a complete mystery to scientists while many completely ignore the theory of design.

     Instead of the sciences distancing humankind from God, they are making it increasingly more difficult to dismiss the possibility God does exist. To explain away the accumulating data pointing to design, first you have to ignore "Occam's razer", and then indulge in Olympic level mental gymnastics to make the evidence fit the gaps in knowledge and alternative theories.
     Here are five areas in which evidence points towards God being a reality and if you look into them, you may realize why scientists all over the world argue for the possibility of a transcendent God. You can watch arguments for and against these points and much more on my YouTube channel linked below.

     1. The exquisite knife edge fine tuning of the universe for the existence of planets, stars and intelligent life
     2. The universe had a beginning, so it must have had a cause outside the laws of nature, time, space, matter and energy
     3. The existence of the historical Jesus of Nazareth, his crucifixion, the empty tomb, and the conversion of followers after his resurrection, and their willingness to die for what they said they saw. They died testifying Jesus was alive and they saw him alive.
     4. Archaeological evidence supporting the biblical narratives
     5. DNA (code and information) and the interdependent network systems complexity in living things
     6. ORFan genes (unique genes specific to species and believed to be the reason for major changes in living organisms. They have no evolutionary connection to previous species and are in opposition to common descent theory)

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